Hello. Here we will summarize the basic information about 「Hari」.

◆ What is Hari?

This is a recruitment service for live streamers. You can create a recruitment form for each theme.

Posted messages can be managed by adding them to favorites, and can also be easily displayed on live streaming software.

◆ Operator information

Takatsuki (@syou_config)

Hari's individual developer.

◆ About use

Hari is basically free to use, but some features are available as a paid version (Pro plan).

fanboxWith your support, you can move to the Pro plan and unlock the following features.

  • Unlimited themes that can be created
  • 届いたお便りの表示順を変更できチェックを容易にできます
  • 届いたお便り一覧をCSVでダウンロードできます

The free plan allows you to create up to 2 themes. To create a third or more theme, you will need to move to the Pro plan or delete your previous theme.

◆ When there is something you don't understand

Questions about usage, bug reports, and requests:Discord← Ask here

Alternatively, DM on Twitter will respond as much as possible.